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The Ultimate Guide On Monster Cropping

Monster Cropping Weed | The Ultimate Guide On Monster Cropping | The Seed Fair

This new monstrous cannabis cultivation is not so well known yet, but if it is of your interest, this guide will let you know how to apply it.


What is monster cropping?

This growing method will help you if you are looking for a different technique. This technique, as some mention it, is known as “flower clones” and it is about using clones of the mother plant so that they return to their vegetative stage. It’s not for every grower, but you can harvest monstrously indoors and outdoors and there’s no need to use the same plant for multiple harvests. Your end result is a plant full of buds. Successful clones are often ugly compared to their mother, perhaps that is one reason why they are called “monstrous”. Clones take about a week to take root or not at all, but their monstrous result is equal. This method takes a lot of patience and time so if you want a quick harvest this is not for you.


Advantages of the monster cropping method

This method is highly efficient when it comes to large production sizes. The offspring that are generated by clones can sprout many bud sites. However, the processes that are used and the care that is given can have an impact on the quantities. As the clones are more leafy, they will have more roots to absorb the light. This technique, combined with others, can help distribute the light for many other buds. Apart from saving your money thanks to the fact that you can have many crops, you can make better use of lighting, air and your space to grow. This method does not have any problem with growth and this is what differentiates it from the other techniques, as with potency, it will have shoots full of trichomes. Clipping is not for everyone, but this method is definitely best to try.


Can you apply monster cropping to autoflowers?

When we talk about autoflowering and the monstrous method they don’t mix very well as many auto flowering strains cannot be cloned because their clones cannot enter the vegetative phase again. In their growth stages they do not require a strict use of light. Their size also affects cloning since they are small plants, recovering from stress takes longer. Some people testify that they have succeeded while their plant is in the vegetative phase, but it is very complicated to do and the results are not the same.


When can you start monster cropping?

Unlike the other methods that have to be monitored, this method performs its process while the plant is flowering. The best time to start this technique is between 2 and 3 weeks into the flowering phase, although if the mother plant is longer in its flowering stage, the clones may last longer. Making clones during the vegetative phase does not affect the mother or her offspring much, but it is better to do this method when your plant is flowering. They have more weeks to grow, about three more.


What you need for cannabis monster cropping

With good scissors, a sharp knife or a scalpel, they will help you to eliminate the clones without harming the mother, since the defiled leaves can affect the roots in their growth. It is good to disinfect the instruments, especially if it is used in several plants. A good container with water does not hurt since after making the cut, your clones will need a little water. Some choose to use a rooting gel, just like storing the cuttings in the container, which looks best for you is up to you.


How to apply monster cropping?

We already know that this method takes time, so it is best not to rush and try to avoid some fatal mistakes that will kill your clones. So here are some steps for your harvest to be successful:


  1. Choose the best flowering strain
  2. Take cuttings
  3. Repair
  4. Sprout roots
  5. Take clones back into the vegetative state



Choose the best flowering strain

There are many options to choose from among the varieties, but it is already known that a small, slow-growing plant does not work for this method, so it is best to test to see which types are ideal for you. During the process, choose the tall and viable plants for your perfect cloning, also be careful not to choose cannabis that shows some kind of evil, since your clones will be too.



Take cuttings

Choose one of the lower branches to place your cutting instrument, lower than the node, to cut the base of the stem diagonally. Having a larger surface area allows water and nutrients to keep the plant healthy. Not all of your clones will be successful so if you want four clones, you will have to take seven cuttings, for example.




Growers who use this method, when they make a mistake with their stems, use adhesive tape to bandage the branch when it is cut badly. It would be good if you have some tape on hand either to repair or while the clones are in the water, for example.



Sprout roots

Some people who cultivate with this method usually use rooting hormones in the clone before exposing them to water; this helps and improves the chances that clones survive and do not drown their mother plant, since if a little air enters during the process, they go dead. You can also use rooting gel and rock wool cubes.



Take clones back into the vegetative state

Once the clones are ready for their vegetative phase, the duration of light is vital, some people prefer 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness, or of 20 hours of light and 4 of darkness or up to 24 hours in a row. The more light, the more energy your roots receive. Regarding the nutrients, it can provide any type. Each clone has a different behavior so I may see them in a strange way in 3 or 4 weeks. It is important not to stress the clones. By applying various techniques properly you will have a flowering and harvest full of buds.


Final thoughts on monster cropping weed

The monster cropping, when done correctly can give amazing results, just like the other methods. Except that this method goes more hand in hand with quantity and not so much with the image of the plant, this technique works well in conjunction with fimming and LST. Select the right variety for a large bud. If you want a leafy plant, sweet tasting Gelato weed is an appropriate size. An incredible option is Blueberry CBD and Godfather OG, since their genetics allow them to create clones and obtain incredible yields.


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