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The Best Strains for Epilepsy

What are the best strains for epilepsy? Most people know about marijuana’s recreational benefits, but very few are aware of its potential to help prevent seizures.

Which cannabis cultivars are suitable for this condition? Instead of scouring the internet trying to find the perfect one, we’ve created a list of the five best cannabis strains for epilepsy.

Read on to discover how these weed strains could eradicate seizure symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Does weed help with epilepsy?

The best weed strains for epilepsy, doctor holding cannabis bud and tincture

Before diving into the best strains, let’s discern how weed may help epileptic seizures. The cannabinoids that make up weed effectively treat pain and anxiety by binding with receptors in the brain.

Besides tension receptors, research shows that cannabinoids bind with several other signaling systems in the brain. Some studies and surveys say that specific marijuana strains may effectively ease seizure symptoms.

So, how does weed help with epilepsy? Scientists don’t fully understand the process just yet, but it most likely relates to the receptors that CBD and THC interact with.

Studies have linked cannabigerolic acid with weed and epilepsy. Cannabigerolic acid treats convulsive effects in mice, leading scientists to believe that it also helps people. More studies need to be done before we can fully claim that marijuana treats epilepsy.

Another study showed that the frequency of seizures of all different types significantly decreased when using CBD. 5% of patients became seizure free with CBD, and 0% with a placebo.

5 best strains for epilepsy

Each cannabis strain delivers slightly different effects. While one may cause giggles, another may put you to sleep. Knowing which variant is most effective in treating specific ailments is key.

What’s the best weed for epilepsy? Let’s look at the top five strains used to treat seizure symptoms below.

1. Charlotte’s Web CBD

The best strains for epilepsy, Charlottes web CBD

Of all the marijuana strains out there, Charlotte’s Web CBD is famous for being the staple “epilepsy variant.” It boasts high levels of CBD, around 12%, and is sativa-heavy. Charlotte’s Web is named after a child who benefited from epilepsy control after using CBD.

Charlotte Figi had been living with epilepsy since she was three months old. She endured 300 tonic-clonic seizures each week. After a year of using CBD as treatment, she only had seizures 2–3 times a week.

While there’s no scientific proof of the link between Charlotte’s Web pot and seizures, many users swear by it. Parents around the world are using CBD to treat epilepsy in their children.

2. Cannatonic

The best strains for epilepsy, Cannatonic

Cannatonic is popular among users who prefer weed’s medicinal properties. It’s on many lists discussing the best weed for seizures and may help treat chronic anxiety and pain. This variant has impressive levels of CBD, reaching up to 17%.

Cannatonic is famous for its powerful relaxing effects, helping your mind stay focused. It makes you feel lighter and carefree. This strain is a perfect choice for users seeking medicinal benefits from cannabis.

The low levels of THC prevent the typical “high” smokers expect to experience after ingesting weed. Tokers believe that the other cannabinoids, like CBD, may aid in treating seizure symptoms.


The best strains for epilepsy, ACDC CBD

Can weed help seizures? In the case of the ACDC strain, potentially yes. This variant features heavy CBD levels reaching 15%. It’s popular amongst tokers who have chronic pain or anxiety.

Many 420 enthusiasts consume ACDC to help with chemotherapy treatments and, of course, epilepsy. With low levels of THC, you may not experience overwhelming psychoactive effects and instead have more medicinal-focused sensations.

Tokers seek this strain for its potential healing properties without drowsy or sedative sensations. ACDC is ideal for daytime use to treat your seizures whenever you need it.

4. Ringo’s Gift CBD

The best strains for Epilepsy, Ringos gift feminized

Ringo’s Gift CBD was also named after a person who benefited from cannabis. Lawrence Ringo cultivated cannabis and advocated for its holistic properties. He found that Ringo’s Gift could treat symptoms related to epilepsy.

This strain may be a treatment for symptoms like panic attacks, muscle spasms, and inflammation, and you shouldn’t feel convulsions after an edible or a joint. Many users claim Ringo’s Gift provides warm, relaxing effects without resulting in couch-lock.

Ringo’s Gift has around 15% CBD and little to no THC. Enjoy deep tranquility without sedation, making it perfect for all-day consumption.

5. CBD Harlequin 1 to 18

The best strains for epilepsy, Harlequin

CBD Harlequin 1 to 18 is popular for its uplifting, relaxing, and clear-headed effects. It has a CBD level between 8–15% and is on many lists mentioning weed strains for epilepsy.

Anecdotal user reports say CBD Harlequin helps treat epileptic symptoms, pain, and anxiety. It’s also suitable to use during the day when you feel a seizure coming on.

Unlike the clown princess of crime, this cannabis strain leaves you carefree and breezy instead of bouncing off the walls. CBD Harlequin is ideal if you’re searching for placid and serene sensations, easily combating negative symptoms.

Summing up the best strains for epilepsy

So, does weed help with seizures? There isn’t enough scientific research to back this up, but many 420 enthusiasts swear by weed to treat epilepsy. A few strains help with these symptoms directly, so choose those first.

Always check with a medical professional before relying on marijuana to treat seizures and other disorders. Use marijuana responsibly and ensure the dosage is correct for you and your condition.

Buy high-quality cannabis seeds at The Seed Fair and grow your own buds. We stock the best strains for epilepsy, along with a range of other top-tier variants. We hope you enjoy your cannabis journey.

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