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The Best Strains for Nausea

Are you a fan of cannabis and curious about the best strains for nausea? The plant is famous for inducing hunger, but some varieties stand out. Our list of five top cultivars provides excellent choices to settle your stomach.

Nausea is among the most common ailments in society and occurs for multiple reasons. Science shows the potential of cannabis for relieving this condition and improving appetite.

Understanding different weed varieties and choosing the right one is essential for gaining this potential benefit. Join us to discover the best strains for nausea and settling your stomach.

The potential of cannabis for relieving nausea

Nausea is the condition of feeling sick in your stomach and head with an inclination to vomit. Almost anything can cause this uncomfortable sensation, from cancer treatments to nerves or stress.

The condition is as common as a headache, and multiple prescription products exist to treat the issue. Many people reportedly use cannabis strains for nausea as a natural alternative to help the problem and improve their appetite.

Almost all tokers know about the munchies, and weed’s fame for inducing hunger is even found in pop culture. Films frequently showcase the connection between food and weed in comedic scenes, but they aren’t far from the truth.

Many cultivars cause a sudden urge to devour anything edible in sight, and science backs up anecdotal claims. Studies on treating anorexia nervosa with cannabinoids show the potential weight-gaining benefits of cannabis.

Understanding the difference between a sativa and indica for nausea is essential, as not all weed strains help the condition. Some cultivars have the opposite effect and reduce your appetite.

Sativas typically limit hunger, while indicas cause the munchies, but exceptions to the rule exist. Thousands of cultivars are available with unique effects, and personal pre-dispositions also play a role. Some strains are famous for causing almost all tokers to run for food.

5 best weed strains for nausea

Ready to soothe your stomach with the best weed for nausea? Our list of carefully chosen cultivars contains the top strains for helping the condition. Pick your favorite or try them all and prepare for an instant desire to eat.

1. OG Kush

OG kush Strains For Nausea

OG Kush is a legendary Californian cultivar with mysterious origins, as its lineage is unknown. Most researchers believe the strain comes from crossing Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, and Lemon Thai. It’s a balanced hybrid containing 18–23% THC, and the high is heavenly.

Expect waves of relaxing euphoria to wash away mental and physical tension. As you indulge further, a dreamy state of bliss takes hold. OG Kush is famous for inducing the munchies, and consumers claim it’s among the best cannabis strains for nausea.

The cultivar’s complex flavor profile may further increase your desire to eat. Notes of citrus and pine underpin its spicy and earthy aroma.

2. Lavender

Strains for Nausea

Lavender is a delicious indica with relaxing couch-lock effects. The cultivar is a cross between Big Skunk Korean, Super Skunk, and Afghani Hawaiian and contains 18–20% THC.

The effects are initially cerebral and euphoric before a powerful body stone takes hold. This cultivar is reportedly popular for multiple medical applications, and many claim it’s the best strain for nausea.

Lavender’s bouquet lives up to its name with a floral aroma. It has a spicy sweet flavor with a distinct hash-like aftertaste. This strain is an excellent choice for settling your stomach and making a meal appealing.

3. Critical Kush

Critical Kush strain for Nausea

Critical Kush is a potent indica with legendary parents. This cross between OG Kush and Critical mass contains up to 27% THC, and its effects are famously soothing.

Consumers claim the cultivar provides significant mental and physical relaxation with relief from various discomforts. Critical Kush is among the most enjoyable weed strains for nausea. The soothing high is ideal if your stomach needs settling or your mind requires rest.

Critical Kush has a delectable bouquet to accompany its hunger-inducing effects. The dense trichome-covered buds emit an earthy aroma with hints of spice and citrus. This strain is a fantastic choice, whether it’s for relieving discomfort or recreational relaxation.

4. Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is renowned as one of the top marijuana strains for nausea. Its effects are famous for promoting hunger. This popular indica-dominant hybrid is the product of Big Bud and Purple Urkle and contains over 20% THC.

The strain delivers an initial rush of euphoria to the body and mind. As the buzz develops, a calming sensation replaces stress with bliss. Its effects are a delight, and we recommend preparing food for the inevitable munchies.

This cultivar is ideal for tokers seeking a potent physical buzz without an overwhelming head high. The strain sedates rather than stimulates the body. If your tolerance is low, it’s worth taking it slow, but most enthusiasts claim the effects are easy-going.

Grandaddy Purple is reportedly among the best cannabis for nausea and other medical applications. Many users report benefits like relief from pain and anxiety. A palate-pleasing bouquet complements the cultivar’s comforting effects.

5. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie

Girl Scout Cookies is the favorite cultivar of many tokers for its award-winning effects and flavors. This indica-dominant hybrid is topping cannabis lists for almost every category, including the best strains for an upset stomach.

The cultivar has fantastic genetics from crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush. It contains up to 27% THC, so take it slow if you’re a novice. This strain delivers a balance of uplifting euphoria and physical relation.

What weed strain helps with nausea? Girl Scout Cookies is among the best cultivars for easing the condition and a general cannabis experience. The name evokes thoughts of delicious snacks, and its effects do the same.

The smoke is smooth, with a sweet cream and vanilla flavor complementing the excellent effects. Girl Scout Cookies is a top-tier strain, and finding a toker who doesn’t love it is nearly impossible.

Settle your stomach with the perfect strains

Finding the perfect weed strain for nausea requires some knowledge. There are countless varieties to choose from, but our list makes it easy. These five cultivars are verified appetite enhancers with fantastic flavors and effects to complement the munchies.

Are you seeking stomach-settling strains? Check out our excellent range of premium weed seeds at The Seed Fair and start growing the best strains for nausea.

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