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White Truffle Strain Review

White Truffle Strain

The White Truffle strain is a magnificent treat that offers balanced effects. It’s shrouded in mystery but is an exclusive treasure among the community. Users love this hybrid for the easy growing traits, revered genetics, and enticing flavors. True to its name, it offers a delicious experience for all your senses.

This potent strain has a high THC content and a top-shelf terpene and flavor profile. It delivers a captivating experience sure to linger in your mind for a long time after the last puff. Discover all there is to know about this potent treasure in this in-depth review.

Overview of White Truffle Marijuana Strain

White Truffle is a hybrid that delivers great effects. This powerful Indica-dominant strain provides a uniquely soothing experience. It’s excellent for those seeking hybrid marijuana seeds with Indica and sativa traits. The buds are ideal for medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike.

Origin & Breeding

This Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain crosses Gorilla Butter and an unknown cultivar. It’s rooted in world-renowned genetics and offers a well-balanced 60/40 Indica-sativa blend.

The White Truffle strain genetics hail from the best techniques of cannabis breeding. The aim was to create a unique experience that offers a more potent high compared to its parents. Gorilla Butter is popular among enthusiasts because of its evenly balanced effects. They also love its creamy, smooth flavors. Expect the same from this hybrid strain offspring.

You know you’re in for an unforgettable experience thanks to White Truffle’s lineage. This phenotype also possesses an award-winning heritage from Gorilla Butter’s parents. It comes from renowned weed strains, Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue #4. Experiencing this offspring is like getting a taste of royalty; it’s that good.


The White Truffle weed strain boasts an attractive appearance. The buds take on the shape of spades, showing off frosty white trichomes with orange hues. Dark brown hairs cover the flowers. They have deep purple shades and crystalline streaks which indicate their potency.

White Truffle Weed Strain hemp bud

The plant’s deep foliage contrasts the sparkling popcorn buds beautifully. This strain’s name is a nod to how it looks, tastes, and feels.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of the White Truffle cannabis provides an earthy flavor like the fungi treats of the same name. It delivers a savory blend of citrus, mushroom, and garlic notes. This strain plants also exude fuel aromas, contrasted with pepper and lemon undertones.

The unique aroma and flavors contribute to White Truffle popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes captivate your senses and offer enticing effects. You get a phenomenal blend of delicious scents and tastes. Cannabis users find that this blend lingers for hours after you experience the benefits.

Grow your own White Truffle

  • YIELD (INDOOR) 500G/M²

White Truffle Strain Effects and Benefits

The effects of the White Truffle strain owe thanks to its heritage and THC level. Expect wide-ranging benefits that provide a heavenly balance of indica and sativa sensations.


White Truffle is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Its effects kick in very soon after your first puff.  A tingling sensation courses through your body as the initial onset arrives.

How it Feels

The White Truffle strain produces relaxing effects at first. You feel mental relief, which puts your racing thoughts at ease without making you drowsy. Soothing physical sensations follow shortly after, lulling you into deep, full-bodied contentment.

This strain also provides a balanced blend of uplifting and soothing effects. A burst of creativity inspires you to pursue an art project or complete house chores. You experience euphoria and boosted morale, giving rise to positive thoughts and emotions. This strain is best when enjoyed at home when you want to unwind at night or during the weekend.

There aren’t any reported adverse reactions for this strain. Some users might experience common cannabis side effects. These include dry mouth, itchy and red eyes, or mild paranoia. Drink plenty of water and use eye drops if you experience these symptoms.


The White Truffle strain effects set in quickly and last for at least a couple of hours. The duration depends on various factors, including your tolerance. It’s potent, so take it slow if you’re not used to high-THC cultivars. Many users report feeling relaxed for a few hours after their toking session.

Medical Benefits

Medical marijuana patients choose White Truffle to relieve symptoms associated with pain, stress, and sleeplessness. Effects of White Truffle strain is known for its relaxing effects, which might help ease your nerves. White Truffle can help to combat anxiety and alleviate insomnia.

Users report feeling less inflammation after consuming White Truffle. It may have pain-killing properties that treat symptoms of discomfort. You might experience relief from swelling, muscle spasms, and stiffness.

Always consult a professional before using cannabis to replace your treatment plan. While this strain helps bring relief for the above listed ailments, it’s vital to see professional advice first.

THC Content

Strain information shows White Truffle has high THC levels soaring between 18 and 26%. Its potency is a big reason for its popularity in the cannabis community.

Growing White Truffle Strain

The exotic White Truffle strain is a pleasure to grow. Follow this guide below to get the best out of your harvest.

white truffle marijuana strain


White Truffle plants are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The one you choose depends on your preference. Grow them outside if your area has an appropriate climate without harsh weather. This strain thrives in warm environments that aren’t too humid.

Opt for indoor growing if you prefer to control the environmental factors. Ensure adequate airflow in the room, and use LED lights for optimal results. Follow standard trimming techniques during veg, but don’t prune the plants too much. Provide a cannabis fertilizer with nutrients for the seedling, vegetative, and flowering stages.

Water your crop regularly and ensure the soil doesn’t run dry. Use organic pesticides to prevent and combat common pests and diseases. Keep a grow diary to track your progress and adjust nutrients and lighting as necessary.

These plants grow around five feet tall. Ensure you have enough space to allow them to stretch and reach their full potential. Use low-stress training to control their height if necessary. A Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup is ideal for maximizing space and boosting yields.

Flowering Time

The White Truffle cannabis strain flowers for 8–9 weeks. Expect to harvest in mid-October if growing outdoors.


The White Truffle strain yield is around 15 oz./m² indoors. Expect approximately 17 oz./plant when growing outside.

Enjoy the White Truffle Strain Genetics

White Truffle is a potent cannabis strain that offers dynamic, balanced effects. You experience deep relaxation soon after the first puff. This sensation leads to a boost of creativity and euphoria. It’s simple to grow for beginners or advanced cultivators. The plants provide fantastic yields of sparkling buds with earthy, citrusy flavors.

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