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Banana Punch Strain Review

Banana Punch Strain Review

Are you looking for an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a delicious tropical profile and strong effects? Then look no further than the Banana Punch Strain.

This marijuana cultivar is believed to possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. These traits make it a favorite among medicinal users.

Let’s look at this cannabis strain information and find out more about the Banana Punch marijuana strain outcome and everything a grower should know.

Origin and Genetics of Banana Punch Cannabis Strain

The brainchild of Symbiotic Genetics, this cultivar came from crossing Banana OG and Purple Punch seeds. While it is well-balanced between Indica and sativa, this strain is known for its powerful sedative outcome.

This popular strain is a combination of tropical fruit and banana flavor. As you’d expect, the Banana Punch weed strain boasts a delicious-smelling profile of fruit.

Despite its high THC levels around 19%, the reaction takes a while to kick in. For this reason, it’s known as a “creeper strain”. This delay can be deceptive, resulting in you taking more than you can handle. We recommend you take it slow and assess the impact on your body as you go.

Appearance and Aesthetics

This cultivar delivers impressive potency wrapped in an appealing package.  The Banana Punch buds are amazing to look at due to all the amazing factors a grower looks for.

Color and Texture

The Feminized Banana Punch flowers have a dense, cake-like appearance. Each olive green nugs is covered in striking orange pistils and hints of dark purple undertones.

Banana Punch Strain

Trichome Coverage

The Banana Punch plants glisten with sticky, resinous amber trichomes.

Flavor and Aroma Profile

Humulene, limonene, and pinene come together with other terpenes to create a mouthwatering flavor and scent profile.

Dominant Flavors

As you’d expect when crossing Banana OG with Purple Punch, this strain has a deliciously sweet flavor. The initial sweetness is likened to candy, eventually making room for tropical fruit flavors, like pineapple. Expect a slight aftertaste of spice and pine.

Scent Characteristics

Despite its name, the Banana Punch strain has a more distinct aroma. In fact, the aromatic profile is more of sweet fruits and candy. There are subtle undertones of mixed earthy spices and ripe bananas.

Comparison with Other Strains

The flavor and aroma profiles are created by the terpene combination. Here are some strains with a similar makeup.

  • Sour OG is another well-balanced hybrid coming from a cross between well-known parents. As with Banana Punch, you’ll enjoy a mouthwatering combination of sweet and sour berries.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip not only boasts the same sweet taste as Banana Punch, it also delivers similar relaxing outcome.

Grow your own Banana Punch

  • HARVEST TIME September
  • YIELD (INDOOR) 500G/M²

Banana Punch Strain Effects and Experience

The effects of Banana Punch vary depending on makeup of the terpenes and cannabinoids. The grower techniques, conditions, and marijuana seeds history determine these aspects.

Onset and Duration

Known as the “creeper strain”, this cultivar takes its time to take effect. Remember that patience is the key to a pleasant experience with this strain and leaves you tingly.

At first, you may feel like nothing is happening and be tempted to indulge in a bit more. Don’t!

When Banana Punch strain’s results set in, they’ll hit you like a…well…punch!

Physical Sensations

Thanks to its THC content, you can expect a deep relaxation to set in, leaving you feel heavy-limbed.

Mental and Emotional Impact

This strain provides an enjoyable feeling of euphoria. Banana Punch is known for its uplifting results, leaving you feeling positive and hopeful about things to come.

Banana Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Banana Punch Strain | The Seed Fair

Banana Punch Seeds

THC: 20%
Yield: 500 Grams per plant
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 Weeks


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Medical and Therapeutic Benefits

Flowers from Banana Punch seeds are a favorite among medicinal users. Thanks to its Indica traits, the strain provides a deep relaxation and euphoria.

Before replacing or adding cannabis to your prescribed treatment, always seek medical advice from a professional.

Pain Management

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this cultivar is preferred for symptoms associated with hard-to-treat conditions. It’s also believed to help with the loss of appetite that often comes with chronic pain.

Mental Health Applications

Patients dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, or depression find relief in the uplifting experience. Doom and gloom is a distant memory with the serenity that Banana Punch brings.  In addition, this strain is very good for appetite loss.

Sleep and Relaxation

The deep relaxing experience of Banana Punch helps overcome sleep disorders like insomnia. As your whole body unwinds, you’ll soon be ready for this potent sedative to help you drift off to a deep sleep.

Growing Information

These cannabis plants are relatively straightforward to grow, making them suitable for beginners. Provide the best possible environment and it’ll reward you with impressive Banana Punch flowers.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Growth

Banana Punch cannabis seeds are suitable for growing indoors and outdoors. Either way, ensure that your growing environment is warm and dry to ensure the ideal temperature and humidity for growing cannabis.

Flowering Time and Yield

Wherever you decide to grow, the flowering period lasts around eight weeks. When growing indoors, expect a harvest around 14 oz/m2. Outdoor growing produces at least 16 ounces per plant.  You can find great results once you harvest at the end of September.

Banana Punch Cannabis Strain

Tips for Cultivation

These plants can reach up to five feet tall by harvest time, so be sure to employ a low stress training technique like Screen of Green. This method spreads out the indica-like foliage, helping light reach more bud sites. Ultimately, this technique promotes a higher yield.

THC, CBD, and Banana Punch Terpenes Profile

Let’s look at what gives this strain its distinct characteristics.

Dominant Terpenes

This impressive strain has an appealing terpene combination that contributes to its distinct flavor and scent. They are:

  • Limonene
  • Geraniol
  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Humulene

THC and CBD Levels

The average THC levels stand at 19%, but they often range 18-23%. The CBD levels are relatively low at 1-6%.

Recommendations for First-Time Users

As we’ve mentioned, Banana Punch Feminized Seeds is a “slow to the party” strain. This can be misleading, leaving you thinking about having more before the effects set in. Be patient and allow the strain to take its time working its magic.

Start of slow to determine how it affects your body before increasing the dosage.


Banana Punch clearly has great potential as a medicinal strain and is already a firm favorite among consumers. We expect to see this cultivar in high demand at online and land-based dispensaries soon.

Be sure that, when you buy Banana Punch, you do so from a reputable source like The Seed Fair. These seeds have the potential for impressive yields, so be sure to pay attention to the growing conditions.

When you light up those buds, do it in moderation. Test the waters before overdoing it, as the punch can be overwhelming. See our privacy policy for all details on your order.

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