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Black Truffle Strain Review

Black Truffle Strain Review

Have you heard of the Black Truffle strain? There’s a chance you haven’t, as this cultivar isn’t common. It’s rare and desperately in need of more recognition for its massive bag appeal. Black Truffle offers potent effects, an intriguing smell and taste, and a rewarding cultivation journey.

Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of this cannabis cultivar. We discuss specific Black Truffle strain information, including its effects, flavor profile, scent, genetics, and growing peculiarities.

Origin and Breeding of the Black Truffle Strain

The Black Truffle weed strain was originally bred in California by Big Chief. It’s a blend of Gelato 33 and an unknown cultivar whose name is yet to be disclosed.

Rarity and Recognition

The Black Truffle strain is popular among all kinds of cannabis connoisseurs. Growers choose it for its high yields and hassle-free needs. Consumers pick it for its powerful effects and intriguing flavors.

Black Truffle is a rare find in the cannabis world. It’s scarcely available at licensed dispensaries, and very few reputable breeders have access to it. Don’t miss out on this product when you come across it.

Genetic Background and Lineage

The Black Truffle weed strain is strongly regarded as a part of the Truffle family. It has a unique genetic background, as only one parent (Gelato 33) is known.

The other parent is a secret that very few people know about. Some think it might be related to White Truffle, while others believe it’s a descendant of Chocolate Kush.

Black Truffle Strain

Black Truffle is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with 60% Indica and 40% sativa genetics. This cultivar is powerful, often featuring up to 27% THC and less than 1% CBD. It rarely contains anything under 18% THC.

Due to its Indica-leaning makeup and high THC level, the effects typically encompass both your mind and body. Expect a mix of cerebral effects and relaxing effects.

Black Truffle Strain Effects and Experience

This Indica-dominant strain delivers a heavy dose of mind and body sensations. Many consumers agree on the blended experience. They say Black Truffle puts them in a euphoric cerebral state and makes them feel energetic, aroused, uplifted, and talkative.

The strain effects also deliver deep physical relaxation. You typically feel sleepy and ready for bed toward the end of the trip.

Black Truffle is considered a creeper. One moment, you’re socializing and chatting, and the next, you’re experiencing a powerful body and head high. Many consumers say it makes them feel high yet functional, although this is only true if you manage your doses.

Potential Side Effects

Always consume cannabis responsibly. Stick to low doses and only smoke again after at least 45 minutes, as the effects could take time to set in. Overconsumption may lead to unwanted reactions, like paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety.

Common side effects, like a dry mouth and dry eyes, are manageable with proper hydration and nutrition.

Grow your own Black Truffle

  • HARVEST TIME September
  • YIELD (INDOOR) 500G/M²

Medical Benefits and Therapeutic Uses

This hybrid strain could be beneficial for several health-related ailments due to its high cannabinoid levels and strong genetics. Medical marijuana patients often choose Black Truffle to manage symptoms associated with depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and bipolar disorder.

Terpene Profile and Benefits

The dominant terpene in the Black Truffle strain is caryophyllene. This Indica-dominant strain also contains a high level of secondary terpenes, including limonene and terpinolene. Here are some of the reported therapeutic benefits of these compounds:

  • Caryophyllene boasts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial capabilities. It may relieve anxiety, reduce pain, lower cholesterol, treat seizures, and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Limonene is an antioxidant that absorbs and removes free radicals before they cause harm. It could lower the risk of some cancers and reduce the signs of aging.
  • Terpinolene has antioxidant, anticancer, antifungal, and antibacterial uses. It’s also believed to be a natural antiseptic.

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Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Let’s take a deep dive into Black Truffle’s signature appearance, aroma, and flavor.


This cultivar boasts a cocktail of nose-tingling smells. The infusion blends fruity, floral, caramel, black coffee, and earthy hints. Many consumers also pick up undertones of lavender.


The taste is equally intriguing, delivering a mouth-watering concoction of citrus, blueberry, chocolate, savory, and spicy flavors. Enjoy a menthol aftertaste as soon as you exhale.

Visual Characteristics

This Indica dominant strain produces bushy plants with dense buds. These hybrid crops can reach anywhere from 2.5-6.5 feet.

Black Truffle Cannabis Strain

The fluffy nugs sometimes feature a purple hue among the green and orange colors. Expect a thick coat of resinous trichomes, an indicator of the strain’s potent effects.

Growing Insights and Tips

Black Truffle is moderately difficult to grow, but proper care is all you need to attain high yields. This hybrid weed strain flourishes outdoors and indoors. It thrives best in a hydro setup, but other substrates also produce fantastic results.

Cultivation Techniques

Black Truffle marijuana plants can withstand colder temperatures, but warm summer conditions are ideal. Consider incorporating training techniques for better results.

  • The Sea of Green (SOG) method allows you to cultivate a lot of smaller plants in one area instead of a few big ones.
  • Topping cannabis plants helps you train your cannabis plants to develop horizontally rather than vertically. This technique makes the most of available light and limited room.
  • Trim cannabis pants to remove unnecessary leaves and allow the lower foliage to receive more light.

The most common problems with these crops are overwatering and overfeeding. Too much water leads to stunted development, while too many nutrients cause burns and low-quality buds.

Flowering Stage, Yield, and Harvesting

Black Truffle features an 8-9 week flowering period. It delivers an average indoor yield of 21 oz./m². Outdoor growers can expect to collect up to 20 oz./plant, with harvest occurring around mid-September.

You’ll know when to harvest cannabis plants when most of the trichomes turn milky white. Waiting too long makes them go amber, resulting in lower THC levels.

Experiences and Recommendations

Need more convincing? Check out some personal testimonies and discover our recommended consumption tips for a memorable sesh.

Personal Testimonies

Let’s put the spotlight on two consumer strain reviews from Leafly:

“Great strain for veteran smokers. It’s a real creeper; one minute you’re vibing, enjoying good conversation. Soon to be followed by an intense body & head high. Great for unwinding after a long shift at work.”

“Pretty solid overall. More of a body high. Definitely felt some couch lock. Relieves a ton of stress.”

Consumption Tips

Want to make the most of this strain? We recommend lighting up after a long day when you want to unwind, relax, and chill. It’s also an excellent cultivar to share with like-minded friends, as it lets you chat about different topics before you all zone out.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Black Truffle is a rare cultivar that deserves more recognition. This cannabis strain features a high level of THC, powerful effects, and a delicious cocktail of flavors and smells. It delivers above-average yields when grown in an optimal environment and given the proper care. Cultivators with some experience can confidently grow these plants.

This cultivar is best suited to experienced consumers who can handle the psychoactive sensations. Beginners can give it a go if they monitor their doses and avoid overconsumption. Indulge in Black Truffle after a long, strenuous day to reap the most benefits.

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