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Zoap Strain Review

Zoap Strain Review

Wash away your worries with Zoap. This hybrid marijuana strain sends you soaring through clouds of euphoria. The evenly balanced buzz delivers uplifting cerebral waves and a muscle-melting high.

The creamy smoke unleashes bursts of guava and perfume, creating a unique flavor that clings to your palate. Its unique aromatics offer a soap-rising and distinctive experience.

Let’s unpack more info about this unrivaled strain.

Origin and Genetics of Zoap Cannabis Strain

Zoap is a hybrid bred by Deo Farms. Cultivators used Pink Guava and Sunset Sherbet to create the Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava selection. Deo decided on crossing Rainbow Sherbert (RS)16 with their original RS to make the Zoap strain.

Appearance and Aroma

Zoap delivers dense nugs with a unique profile that catches you by surprise. The deep orange stigmata stands out against the vibrant green foliage.  This beautifully well made product takes the visual characteristics of both Pink Guava and Rainbow Sherb to make the exceptional colors and distinctions one can find in a strain.  If you are looking for this in a dispensary, guess again as it is a very hard to find flower on the market.

Zoap Strain

Visual Characteristics

Feast your eyes on the dark olive green nugs drenched in frosty trichomes. This flower has stunning purple undertones with deep amber pistils.

Slightly bush foliage shrouds the dense buds that feel like crystals with their thick resin coating. The plants can sprout into green monsters, occasionally reaching up to 6.5 feet high.

Scent Profile

Savor the earthy, floral aroma with notes of cherry and fruity fragrance. Citrusy lashings dance with the cheery scent of apple and grapefruit.

The scent has sprinkles of dank notes, but it isn’t overbearing. Cannabis connoisseurs delight in the complex aromatic profile.

Flavor Profile

Zoap offers a one-of-a-kind aroma and flavor. Inhale the sweet smoke that sparks your palette with pops of citrus. There are many strains with similar tastes, but this one has a unique soap-like drizzle.

Taste Journey

The initial note is similar to a luxury soap. The earthy undertones envelope the sweet smoke as you puff. The terpene caryophyllene sprinkles hints of warm spice, cushioning the soapy overtones, and leaving a clean aftertaste.

The inhale is warm and soapy while the exhale packs a surprisingly sweet and fruity twist. Luxurious sugary notes coat your palette through the creamy, silky smoke.

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Effects and Experience

Zoap is a true hybrid. It has indica and 50 percent sativa genes delivering an evenly balanced powerhouse. It starts with an uplifting cerebral buzz and trickles down into a soothing physical wave.

The effects differ from most high THC strains because it’s not overwhelming but still potent. Beginners and veteran smokers enjoy the full-body effects of this unique beauty.

Medical and Recreational Benefits

Zoap is an excellent medical cannabis pick for its ability to relieve stress. Reviewers on Leafly praise its cheery effects. It’s a popular strain among recreational consumers since it’s potent and uplifting.

Therapeutic Uses

Zoap’s uplifting buzz may be beneficial for mental ailments like depression. Fans also report using it for chronic pain and nausea.

It may be beneficial for people with anorexia since it makes you hungry. Higher doses sedate and relax users, which might help with insomnia.

The high THC content met with the balanced cerebral and physical effects makes Zoap a golden medicinal strain.

Zoap is the ideal micro-dosing companion. It’s perfect for a daily puff to keep your mind focused and your body calm.

Recreational Appeal

Enjoy the giggly, stimulating cerebral buzz that transcends into a delightfully tingly sensation.

Consumers appreciate the motivational high that can help when you’re unfocused. It’s an excellent everyday strain with a powerful head hum.

After the first few puffs, negative thoughts are gone, and your mind is clear. Imagination and creativity soar with the stimulating cerebral buzz.

When the effects peak, your mood is uplifted, and the giggles ensue. The munchies kick in soon after, so prepare your favorite snacks.

The cerebral buzz travels down your spine and relaxes any tightness in your muscles. The tingly vibration relieves soreness and discomfort, leaving you in a state of pure bliss.

THC Content and Potency

Zoap’s THC levels typically average at 22% but can hit 25%-26. The high is powerful, so beginners should puff slowly.

Overdo it and Zoap will send you on a one-way flight to Dreamland.

Zoap cannabis

Growing Information

Produce Zoap buds on your property with a little TLC. These plants grow easily and fast. Low-stress training is necessary to control the foliage and prevent overstretching.

Cultivation Tips

Zoap enjoys a warm climate with temperatures between 70–85°F. The potency depends on the terpene content and grower expertise.

Apply high-stress training (HST) methods like splitting to boost resin. Flush the plants two weeks before harvest to enhance the natural flavor and remove the taste of fertilizers.

These plants can grow on the bushy side, so prune and trim regularly. Apply low-stress training (LST) methods like the Sea of Green (SOG). These methods even the canopy and allow the branches to get equal light distribution.

Harvesting Insights

Zoap flowers for 8–9 weeks and boasts a delivery of 12 oz./ m2 indoors and 14 oz. per plant. Harvest when around 70% of trichomes turn milky white for the highest potency.

The Zoap strain has a fair amount of anthocyanins. Drop the temperatures slightly below 65°F to trigger the purple pigment and give the buds a stunning violet hue.

Grow your own Zoap

  • HARVEST TIME September
  • YIELD (INDOOR) 550G/M²

User Reviews and Experiences

“One of my all-time favorite strains. Helps me to rationalize out of anxiety spirals. Great citrus-y terps”

“I remember the scent of my great grandmothers house as faint hints of bar soap and old perfume. True to its name, that soap flavor comes through.”

“I always find myself getting things done around the house when I smoke this—I call it my chore weed”


Zoap is a balanced hybrid with an uplifting cerebral buzz and sweet, soapy flavor. It’s sought after by medicinal and recreational users for its potent yet balanced effect.

This strain is easy to grow but requires some TLC for a generous harvest. Drop the temperatures before harvest and watch the deep purple hues come to life on the vibrant green buds.

Have you tried the Zoap strain? Describe your experience and share info in the comments below.

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