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Pluto Weed Strain Review

Pluto Weed Strain

Are you looking for a product that’s out of this world? The Pluto marijuana strain checks all the right boxes. It has high THC content and is ideal for unwinding at the end of a long day.

The pungent aroma of skunky citrus, which entices you to taste it. The bag appeal with this strain is incredible.

Are you keen on learning more about this intriguing strain? Keep reading as we unpack and review all the vital strain information.

Background and Origin

The Pluto weed strain has a mysterious background as its origins are unknown at this time.  Also don’t get confused with the Pluto Kush Strain.

Popularity and Availability

The Indica hybrid appeals to recreational and medical consumers. It has high THC levels and a powerful terpene fusion. It’s the increasing demand that spurs growers to include it in their collections.

How much do weed seeds cost? Many users consider it among the higher end strain’s. With its uplifting effects, it’s known in the music industry as “rapper weed”.

It’s a popular choice in high demand, making it tough to gain. Luckily, The Seed Fair offers many alternatives with similar effects to Pluto.

Genetic Makeup and Characteristics

The Pluto strain genetics remain shrouded in mystery. The only information available is that it’s a dominantly indica strain. Judging from the flavors, some users assume that it’s related to Skunk.

Indica vs. Sativa Ratio

The makeup of this incredibly potent pure Indica Strain contains 70% Indica and 30% sativa. Crops reach up to 6 ft if left unchecked, indoor plants grow to around 4ft. The height is from its sativa genes.

The dominantly Indica genes are behind the intense body high it induces. The physical potent effects are relaxing and your limbs feel lazy.

THC and CBD Content

The THC-rich nugs contain about 21–23%. CBD content is negligible and is typically less than 1%. These compound levels create the euphoric cerebral high. Medical users turn to the strain for several conditions.

The strain directs thoughts to a calm state that helps with relaxation. Other health users claim it assists with chronic pain issues and inflammation. This strain has pleasant medicinal effects. It assists with getting you to fall asleep. It’s therefore a top choice for various ailments, even insomnia.

Behind Its Genetics

The truth about this great Indica strain remains a mystery, with many speculations regarding its origins. Some users believe that it’s a descendant of Gelato 33 and Triangle Kush backcrossed once. The story states the breed was called TK 91 Bx1.

It continues to state that some of those seeds were then purchased by a cannabis breeding company. They then chose a selection of their harvest and sold it as Pluto. The story is one of many assumptions, but there’s no consensus on the origins.

Pluto Weed Strain

Appearance and Aroma

This cannabis has earned a name for its eye-catching appearance. It has an enticing aroma indicative of the strong flavor profile. The buds are in a class of their own. Let’s discover more details about these nuggets of kushy goodness.

Description of Buds

The nugs are beautiful, with a stunning shade of olive green. They feature prominent purple undertones that are certain to attract attention. The soft flowers appear chunky and almost hand-shaped. They’re quite dense with significant bag appeal.

Color and Trichomes

The color pallet includes fiery red and orange pistils. These stand out against the lavender and green backdrop. To finish the look, every bud is coated in white crystal trichomes. These appear to be purple-tinged when the light hits them from certain angles.

Distinctive Scents and Flavors

The aroma profile is powerful and puts this as the one of many Strain spotlight. During the late flowering phase, fruity scents emanate from the buds. The dominant fragrances are skunk and citrus.

When you taste it, these flavors are clear on the initial puff. The sweet and sour notes make for an intriguing experience. Woody notes and hints of spice come to the fore on the exhale. Some users report tasting cookies.

Grow your own Pluto Strain

  • HARVEST TIME September
  • YIELD (INDOOR) 500G/M²

Effects and Benefits

The effects are so potent, it’ll get you to a good headspace almost immediately. All it takes is one or two puffs for the sensations to start. The initial feelings are mental. When they settle, a tension-melting physical effects ensue giving a great experience to users.

Cerebral and Physical Effects

Pluto induces a powerful indica high. It’s ideally used in the late afternoon or evening when trying to wind down. It’s relatively hard-hitting and beginners should take it slow. Don’t underestimate how potent its effects can be.

At first, you feel a warm sensation near your temples, followed by euphoria. All your worries disappear as you get wrapped up in a wave of bliss and relaxation that engulfs you. It pairs well with relaxing activities like painting or listening to music.

Once these feelings settle, calmness and a tension-melting body high set in. A warm tingling feeling makes its way down your body, soothing any stiffness. Your limbs relax. Some consumers experience couch-lock, while others fall into a deep slumber. A puff of this strain is perfect to help you wind down after a long day.

Medical Benefits and Uses

Health users smoke it to help with various conditions. Some of the most popular applications include:

  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Cramps
  • Muscle spasms
  • Insomnia

Research on the medical use of weed is anecdotal.

Potential Side Effects

Overindulging may lead to certain discomforts. Some of the most common ones are nausea, headaches, dizziness, dry eyes, and cottonmouth.

In some rarer cases, paranoia may occur. Offset these marijuana side effects by staying hydrated throughout your experience. Keep a bottle of eye drops close at hand to soothe dry eyes.

Growing the Pluto Strain

The rising popularity of this strain means people will want to grow it themselves. Cultivating it is straightforward. It’s a resilient crop that does well inside and outside.

Ideal Climate and Conditions

Like most indica varieties, it thrives in various environments. Warm climates are best with moderate humidity levels. Indoor cultivators can keep the temperature around 60–80°F.

Outside, a sunny spot is best, as the crops thrive when they have ample access to light.

Flowering Time and Yield

The flowering time is around 7–9 weeks. The best time to harvest cannabis plants is closer to the nine-week mark and the yield averages 500 grams indoors. The outdoor yield varies.

Tips for Cultivation

The fundamental challenge with this strain is its size. Make sure the room you’re cultivating in has enough space for the oversized crops.

To trim cannabis plants properly, remove excess foliage to help the plant thrive. Outdoors, ensure that the crop gets plenty of natural light. Protect it from heavy downpours with a canopy.

When growing this great Indica Cannabis strain, keep supplementation moderate. Light feeds of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium help it flourish. Be sure to water your weed plants properly.

Pluto Strain

User Experiences and Pluto Strain Reviews

It’s popular among musicians and other consumers. Accounts of its effects are typically positive.

First Impressions

Users describe the experience as relaxing and euphoric. Some report heightened senses.  This powerful Indica Strain that’s ideally great for all occasions keeps the mouth watering for more.

Recommendations for Consumption

Many report that it’s best suited to afternoon and evening use as it’s a relaxing weed. It’s ideally enjoyed traditionally or with a bong.

Comparisons with Other Strains

There are several other strains similar to Pluto. Runtz, for example, is also a sweet-scented, hard-hitting hybrid. Pluto Kush also shares some of the strain effects as other indicas. It’s a relaxing weed that hits fast and is potent.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The Pluto strain is an Indica strain that’s ideally used in the evening. Despite these mysteries, the product is quite popular. Its sweet and sour profile entices consumers and the effects seal the deal. Are you a fan of this strain with a mysterious background? Share your experience with us.

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