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Top Five Best Strains For Migraines | Our Guide

Here Are Our Top Five Best Strains For Migraines | Our Guide | The Seed Fair

Migraines can be extremely painful to bear. More so, the symptoms are usually resistant to regular anodynes found at pharmacies. There is a potent herbal alternative for this issue. This remedy happens to be one of the most effective herbal remedies out there.  This article will cover all of our top 5 best strains for migraines.

Since the 1840s, medical cannabis has been a remedy administered by doctors to treat migraines. However, prohibitions on the use of marijuana constituted a hindrance for scientists to conduct more research on this subject matter. Recently, this position has been changing.

The effectiveness of marijuana in medicine is linked to a couple of reasons. A good one is the ability of cannabis to attach with our body receptors which are responsible for the reduction of inflammation, disease, symptoms of migraine such as – nausea, dizziness, and throbbing pain which could be accompanied by some sort of flashing lights.

The potency of marijuana in handling migraines can hardly be matched by any drug. More so, there are little or no side effects. Due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD, it is quite effective in the treatment of migraines. THC strains are not left out as well. They can alleviate migraine symptoms due to their potency in lessening pain. However, the question is, what are the best strains for migraines?


Top 5 | Best strains in treating migraines

Below are the five best strains for migraines.


  1. ACDC
  2. Chocolope
  3. OG Kush
  4. Harlequin
  5. Northern Lights



For several years, ACDC strain has been widely cultivated for medicinal purposes in Northern California. ACDC strain carries very high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC. This property allows the strain to maximize its potential medically without producing psychoactive effects.

Also, oil extracts from ACDC have 82% CBD and 3% THC which makes it a great choice for relieving pain in cancer patients or others using it as pain relief, who have zero tolerance for its psychoactive effects.

Users who have come to appreciate the effects of this strain, testify about its great usefulness in the reduction of gastrointestinal disorders, migraines, anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. Regarding medical benefits, ACDC strain has been considered to work fantastically in calming the pain that comes as a side effect to a reduction in inflammation, stress, and headaches. For psychological and emotional benefits, it has been reported by patients that they felt way more relaxed, focused, energetic, content, and positive after using this strain.



This genetically awesome strain was produced to be cultivated and harvested on time. The production speed and ease are well appreciated by growers. The properties of this strain consist of a careful cross between Cannalope Haze and a DOG Chocolate Thai plant. Their mold resistance is quite low, so it is best to be careful as they begin to grow. Production is assured because they are female.

The strain is ideal for afternoon use, you can get the kind of high that produces intellectual results if you appreciate the flowers. Purchasing Chocolope seeds guarantees a bountiful harvest and strong results. A vitalizing feeling of pure euphoria lasting about one to two hours can occur, leaving the user with awareness of everything in his surrounding. A common belief is that Haze varieties offer the most effective herbal relief.

Also, it is a medical strain used for persons suffering from chronic depression. It is one of the best strains for migraine, stress, joint pain, ADHD, arthritis when consumed properly and regularly. It brings comfort and improves the situation of people with other medical cases.


OG Kush

This unique strain is an Indica-Sativa hybrid clone. It became a sensation in California during the late 1990s because of its wonderful psychoactive potential. Some phenotypes of the strain are capable of producing up to 24% THC.

The fame of this cannabis strain in the United States is not without good reasons. Genetically, it is a mix of the famous Lemon Thai x Pakistani and the equally famous Chemdawg.

As a result, the plant produces excellent cannabis with a distinctive exotic scent of lemon and diesel. We offer a feminized variety of the OG Kush which combines its varying phenotypes into some robust plant that is predominantly Indica-dominant and has an 8 to 9 weeks flowering duration that produces moderate yields.

Patients using the OG Kush strain testify to having significant improvements in stress disorders, migraines, and ADD/ADHD. This strain is quite popular and products with OG Kush CBD are common in pharmacies. How about growing some of it for yourself and see how helpful it is?



This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has a CBD/THC ratio of 5:2. It induces the feeling of being awake and clear-headed. This fosters the feeling of positivity and alertness capable of alleviating depression and the terrible feelings that come with migraines.

Harlequin strain is great for people who experience a high level of discomfort and pain during migraines. This is so because it has the ideal balance of CBD and THC which allows it to act as a pain relief effectively without providing an overpowering and intense high. Also, it is reportedly non-sedative but relaxing which makes it suitable to be used during the daytime.


Northern Lights

This 100% pure feminized cannabis strain has Indica benefits. It is from Afghanistan originally and regarded widely as an award-winning cannabis legend.

Being a less fragrant variety, growers with such preference favors its sweet and subtle scent. Coupled with a rapid flowering duration of 8 to 9 weeks, the strain produces a discreet plant that offers excellent and quick ROI. Also, the buds of this strain are large and they give this sweet taste and a physically stunning effect that is strong and lasts long. Although it is relaxing, the power of the pure Indica in this strain can cause sedating sensations to run through the body.

Northern lights are recommended for users of medical marijuana. The strong physical effect makes it ideal for treating symptoms of chronic pain, muscle spasms, and a whole lot of other disorders, especially migraines.

Also, Northern lights are a great choice for first-time growers because it is super easy to take care of for indoor or greenhouse growing. Thus, the champion status of this strain is well proven for marijuana and the culture.


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