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Your Guide To Consuming Ruderalis Flower

Everything About Smoking Ruderalis | Our Guide To Ruderalis | The Seed Fair

People who are already in the marijuana world most of the time argue about the percentages between Sativa and Indica strains. But they forget or ignore the existence of the Ruderalis variety, which originated many years ago as a branch of the hemp plant, and was later replaced by strong cannabis strains, so it could be said that ruderalis is the distant cousin of Indica and Sativa. So here is a bit of our sample of what the most advanced growers and smokers talk about.  Our article will go over everything you need to know about Ruderalis and Smoking Ruderalis.


What is a Ruderalis strain?

It is a plant of natural origin, which unlike the plants with the Sativa and Indica varieties, are resistant to extreme cold, diseases, mold and insects and also grow in conditions, lands and climates that other varieties would not endure. Growers often combine Ruderalis with Sativa and Indica so that their plant develops the odd trait or characteristic of this variety, such as its auto flowering abilities, ability to tolerate cold and a lot of CBD content.



In the regions of Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, with their strong climates, various botanists identified species of hemp such as Ruderalis that adapted to these conditions thus giving rise to the “indigenous species” of cannabis.


Properties of the Ruderalis

If you want to get a harvest of Ruderalis, your planta should have these characteristics:



As we have already seen, Ruderalis plants can grow in very cold climates, in addition to this, their growth stage is very fast, so much so that after ten weeks of their sowing, the harvest can already be seen. The varieties with Indica and Sativa depend on environmental factors to achieve their flowering, which greatly differentiates Ruderalis with its “auto flowering” characteristic mixed with the other varieties to obtain their desired results.



Although their size is small, Ruderalis plants have strong stems, this means that they can grow large and strong buds (mixed with other varieties) that are supported by their stems.



Ruderalis plants claim to be denser and have much fewer leaves than plants with Sativa or Indica genetics, yet plants with cross varieties will have a great influence on your results.


Ruderalis weed

One of the effects of Smoking Ruderalis type marijuana is not going to be amazing like those of plants with Sativa e Indica, instead its effects are more subtle that can be seen in the following way:


The Ruderalis plant in general has a softer, calming effect (it often helps with anxiety) and is excellent for concentration due to its large amount of CBD and almost no THC like Sativa e Indica. Mixing it with Ruderalis along with other varieties can lower the more powerful effects of these. This means that for example you could control paranoia and make it calm.

Tate and smell

When it comes to aroma and flavor, terpenoids are responsible for this; in the case of Ruderalis, its terpenoid levels are low. The pure Ruderalis plant has a neutral flavor, if you are smoking Ruderalis, it will not taste like anything, but mixing it with varieties such as Damiana or Marshmallow could have more flavor and smell. If you are a fan of creating and trying new flavors and smells, it would be best to mix different Sativa‘s and Indica’s with Ruderalis.


Final thoughts

Experts say that adding Ruderalis to your mixes is kind of like the As under your sleeve, it makes your plants sturdier and with more powerful results. Ruderalis, mixed with Sativa and Indica, becomes the dominant of these three. Even so, thanks to the benefits of the use of CBD, many governments in many countries are rethinking their laws about cannabis. Ruderalis can take an important position against other varieties, however, many people still do not know it well.

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