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Our Guide On Growing Weed In Closet | Everything You Need To Know

Our Guide On Growing Weed In Closet | Everything You Need To Know | The Seed Fair

Perhaps this idea seems silly, illogical, or even somewhat uncomfortable, but what would you think if we told you that you can grow your own marijuana in your closet, yes your closet! Many times in our gardens there is no space or the soil does not have the necessary conditions to grow it, so here we can see the three varieties of cannabis that have a high chance of prospering. Our guide will show you everything you need to know about growing weed in the closet.

How to grow weed in your closet?

Having your closet ready

Clean your entire closet, take out any clothes, shoes or accessories you have, the ideal is the type of closets that usually have built-in shelves, at least four feet high and 70 inches wide. If you plan to grow, for example, a sativa plant, the higher the closet, the better. Do a deep cleaning, vacuuming from top to bottom and you can use a type of bleach and wait for it to dry so as not to leave traces of dust or dirt. Now, to maximize artificial lighting, make sure the cabinet has a white background and if not, paint it white to get the most out of it.

Giving the lighting right

Being in a closet the plants will not need a lot of investment when it comes to providing them with light, that is, choosing the right lighting is key since only that light source will have the plant. There are three types of lights suitable for this closet grow. First up are fluorescent, high discharge (HID) and light emitting diodes (LED) grow lights, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.  Lighting is important when growing weed in closet.

Fluorescent grow lights

One of the advantages of fluorescent lights is that they are very inexpensive, they do not heat as much, they work well in a limited space and during vegetative stage or use in seedlings it works very well. And on the other hand, one of their disadvantages is that they are not as powerful, affecting the final yield.

HID grow lights

Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH), are the three types of HID lights. These lights serve different aspects, for example, MH lights work for the vegetative phase, HPS for the flowering stage and CMH works for all phases. They are ideal for successful indoor growing. As advice it is better to choose or buy HID lights that can be dimmed as they can make the plant too hot in the closet.

LED grow lights

LED lights are the best option for this type of crop because their installation is easy, they are very efficient with the energy they emit and with it little heat (your electricity bill is no longer a concern). They exist in various shapes and styles according to your taste. The investment can be expensive at first, but you won’t regret it when you see the results. The idea is to use a 600W LED light, along with a system to adjust its position as your crop grows.



It does not matter what type, shape or material you use as a container, just make sure it’s deep enough for the roots. Although fabric pots have been gaining popularity as they allow water and oxygen to reach the roots.

The right air

The air is of great importance for plants to grow healthily. Fresh air must be present inside because its function is not only to control the temperature but to regulate the CO2 absorbed by plants and hot air outside. Ventilation is challenging, but if you have a window in your room, leave it open most of the time. If you have a ventilation system such as an air conditioner, you can use it to your advantage, but with a couple of small fans so that one cools and the other expels hot air (near the light), leaving the door ajar.  Air is important when growing weed in closet.

The growing medium

As the cultivation is in a closet, it is vitally important to choose a suitable soil that provides all the nutrients and fertilizers of the cannabis plants, for example, you can opt for options such as soil with perlite mixture, also rock wool or fiber of coconut. Hydroponics also counts as an important factor when growing as it regulates the amount of water and controls the nutrients. Researching this process is an ideal tip. You should consider if you would care if other people smell your crop since marijuana smells as it grows, it is better to choose varieties with less odor.  You can use an air freshener to disguise the odor, such as Neutradol One Touch, which hides odors, yet it is known that regardless of the method used, detection is present.

The best seeds

Sativa’s are tall, Indica’s are better as they are shorter and bushy. The best option is auto flowering plants, they almost never reach a meter in height and are easier to grow with their respective characteristics. Here are three types that would certainly thrive in your closet.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto flower

It is a plant that is well suited for indoor cultivation. It has high levels of THC, since its fame is due to medicinal use, in California. Its results are crops with genetic  amounts of sativa and Indica very balanced, with a short flowering and very powerful product. Its varieties are of small to medium size, it has characteristics that distinguish it a lot, such as that its main head is accompanied by many compact flowers, its smell is strong (use activated carbon filters to hide the smell a bit), its taste and smell have spicy, sweet and earthy. It is for beginners and if your goal is to heal or regulate a mental and physical factor, Girl Scout Cookies is for you, as is having food on the side for cravings.

Northern Lights Auto flower

This variety is the result of a combination of Northern Lights y Ruderalis, Thus giving an auto flowering hybrid with a percentage of dominant Indica, easy to grow and with very productive results. It is one of the varieties with the highest yield. Its structure is solid and its leaves are very large, like a small Christmas tree, with its buds centered on its stem and also on its other branches. You can generate several harvests a year depending on where you are. Adding at least 30% of coconut fiber will improve the oxygenation and development of the cannabis plant. Its flavor and aroma are sweet as a combination of sweet fruits, exotic wood and earth. Its effects are highly relaxing.

White Widow Auto flower

Many people who grow were anxious waiting for the auto flowering version of White Widow and they are not disappointed, it is to be able to generate several crops a year, approximately 3 or 4. They are small plants and measure between 90cm and 1,50m and harvest around 100g per plant. The plant will be ready about two months after its growth phase. You must take care of your roots from burns from various fertilizers. The taste is very similar to the normal one, due to the genetics Ruderalis has a lemon flavor but with a little chemical taste. Its smoke is light, which makes it not cough.

Invest in an air conditioning system

Your plants do not strictly need air conditioning, but these factors can make many things easier for you:

  • In the closet, a lot of heat can enter, with the air, you can regulate the temperature
  • You can use a hygrometer so that the air does not dry out too much
  • Fresh new air

How to care for your weed plants?

When you have done all the proper processes, you can relax and match your plants’ growth, but still be careful never to close the door! It is recommended to monitor them twice a day (morning and night), more if they are under stress. The soil should not be too dry or too wet. In addition to always being alert throughout its cycle as it can affect your harvest.

How many plants fit in my closet?

This look obviously depends on the size of your closet. If your closet is small you can grow one or two plants. A large closet can grow two to four plants. If this is your first time, it is best to start with one or two.  Everything listed above should help on growing weed in closet.

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